Frame Relay TCP and RTP compression


You are working at a frame relay provider as the senior network engineer. One of your customers has two PVCs and they are running a lot of TCP and RTP sessions through your frame relay network. The PVCs only have a CIR of 64kbps and you have plenty of CPU power on router Compact and Decrease. Let’s see what you can sqeeze out of those packets…


  • All IP addresses have been preconfigured for you.
  • Configure two point-to-point subinterfaces for frame relay on router Compact and Decrease.
  • Use network /24 for DLCI 102 – 201.
  • Use network /24 for DLCI 112 – 221.
  • Ensure traffic to router Jack uses network /24 for the next-hop.
  • Ensure traffic to router Emma uses network /24 for the next-hop.
  • Enable RTP compression for the PVC with DLCI 102 – 201.
  • Enable TCP compression for the PVC with DLCI 112 – 221.




Frame Relay Compression

Video Solution:

Configuration Files

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  1. Hi Owen,

    Thanks for your comment. You are right about the frame-relay mappings…stupid mistake ;D Just removed this.

    About the loopback interfaces, I added those so you can create a static route for each loopback and use a different PVC but we can also use the IP addresses on the physical interfaces so I removed this as well.

    I like to keep things simple so thanks for your help!


  2. Good work finding a couple of useful commands that aren’t really intuitive in the command tree. People studying for NP or IE will get good use out of the Config Guide for this one.

    A couple of suggestions:

    1. I don’t see what the loopback interfaces have to do with compression. I’d consider getting rid of those goals.
    2. Point-to-point interfaces don’t support map commands, which the last two bullet points imply should be used. I think this works better for teaching by using point-to-point subinterfaces, so I’d keep it that way and change the wording. Going to physical interfaces and using map commands wouldn’t be as interesting.

  3. hi Rene
    i think this is a very interesting lab, but the video stop at 1:19 min, kindly check,
    btw thank you so much for your help, this site is awesome, and you did a gret job.


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