EIGRP Stub Leak Map


You are enjoying life as a lifeguard and parttime network administrator. Just like real life your routers cry out for help by sending queries whenever they have lost a certain network. You decide to implement EIGRP Stub routing and only allow some of the networks to be advertised. Now you have another problem…people are complaining about reachability..up to you to be there and fix it!


  • All IP addresses have been preconfigured for you.
  • Router Yasmine has a loopback interface:
    Loopback0: /24
  • Router Carmen has 2 loopback interfaces:
    Loopback0: /24
    Loopback1: /24
  • Configure router Yasmine so only the directly connected networks are advertised towards the neighbors.
  • Router David and Pamela should have /24 in their routing table, learned from EIGRP.
  • /24 is not allowed to be in the routing table of router David and Pamela.

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EIGRP Stub Leak Map

Video Solution:

Configuration Files

You need to register to download the GNS3 topology file. (Registration is free!)

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Written by René Molenaar - CCIE #41726

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About the Author: Rene Molenaar

René - CCIE #41726 is the creator of GNS3Vault.com where he shares CCNA, CCNP and CCIE R&S labs. He also blogs about networking on http://networklessons.com


  1. Hello,
    I am stuck somewhat with this lab. How would you make David and Pamela learn through EIGRP when Yasmine is configured only to advertise connected interfaces? Some hint would be great ;D

  2. eigrp stub leak-map LEAKMAP1

    ip prefix-list LEAK seq 5 permit
    access-list 10 permit

    route-map LEAKMAP1 permit 10
    match ip address 10

  3. Hi Ethan,

    I hope the solution from Martek helps you out. Normally a stub is “everything or nothing” but with the leak map you can have a few routes as an exception and they will be advertised anyway.

  4. Well actually you don’t….you need a prefix list or an access-list.

    The Leak map refers to a route-map. With the route-map you can “match” on access-list or prefix-list.

    1. hi Rene, am currently preparing for CCNP ROUTE EXAM, please assist me as some of the commands do not work in my GNS3 software, i.e eigrp stub connected leak-map ? it says unrecognised commands. am so much embarrassed as i fail to practice properly.

      1. You probably don’t have the right IOS image. Try this one:


        It has all the features you need.

  5. Top-notch … had to look at the solution in the end , I thought a leak-map was a ACL … doh ! Good route-map practice. Love the way you did it other way route-map then fill in ACL so much more common sense. Using show access-list & show route-map simultaneously is a good tip so you can see both on screen together.

  6. Gud Lab,
    I have practise all the labs of Eigrp and all of them are very good,
    thnks for creating and making available for us

  7. Excellent lab, thanks. Leakmaps was one of those topics I didn’t really get because it involves quite some steps. This one solved that for me 🙂

  8. I have a question.
    I already advertised 4,4,0.0/24 with leak map but How do i do to do not advertise that subnet to David Router? I would like to get that behavior.


  9. You should use this config:

    router eigrp 1
    no auto-summary
    eigrp stub connected leak-map test
    access-list 1 permit
    access-list 1 deny
    cdp timer 5
    route-map test permit 10
    match ip address 1

  10. Hello rena I hope u r good

    regarding this lab can we just use access-list to permit 4 network .does it work.. I try to do it but it ask sourse and destination address which make me confused I can understand it with route map but I was thinking if we just use access list with out using route map .

  11. I double checked the download link above, and it appears to be the starting configs for the EIGRP STUB lab instead (w/ routers Thomas, Oliver, etc.) I’m downloading the Final Config file now and I’ll work backwards from there, but that first link needs some fixing. Thanks!

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