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As a junior networking engineer you were always fascinated with science fiction movies, that’s why you are now working at a company specialized in special effects. The closest you got to light speed was sending bits and bytes with electricity through wires…nevertheless there is a task waiting for you. You need to configure BGP between your network (AS100) and the service provider (AS100). Setting up BGP was no problem for you, but users behind router Luke are complaining they can’t access networks in AS 200. Time for you to solve this problem…you feel the force is strong within you so this should be a piece of cake!


  • All IP addresses have been preconfigured as specified in the topology picture.
  • Configure IBGP between router Hansolo and Luke, use AS 100, use the loopback0 interfaces as source for BGP.
  • Configure EBGP between router Hansolo and Leia.
  • Ensure both BGP neighbor relationships are up.
  • Router HanSolo: Advertise the network into BGP.
  • Router Leia: Advertise the /24 network on the loopback0 interface into BGP.
  • Router Leia: Advertise the /24 network on the loopback1 into BGP.
  • Ensure you can ping this network from router Hansolo.
  • Ensure you can ping the loopback0 and loopback1 interface of router Leia from router Luke. You are not allowed to use static routes, don’t advertise network /24 in BGP and you are also not allowed to use the BGP next-hop self command.

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Video Solution:

Configuration Files

You need to register to download the GNS3 topology file. (Registration is free!)

Once you are logged in you will find the configuration files right here.

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Written by René Molenaar - CCIE #41726

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  1. hmmm no next-hop-self command, no static route or network command for…hmmmmmmmmmmmm…wonder what to use then?

  2. Hi,

    We can use default-originate command for IBGP neighbor and advertise in BGP.


  3. it gives u warning on router hansolo about next hop but still works.. i configured a route-map on hansolo to change nh to and it worked perfectly fine

    1. That’s the trick to this lab. Configure a route-map and set the next hop to the correct IP address. Same result as the "next-hop-self" command but different.

  4. Hi Guys my brain is melting down on this one. I have route map in place that set up the next hope advertisments towards Luke to Hansolo. But still packet sent from Luke cant pass the HanSolo. here is the BGP and route map settings:

    neighbor route-map NEXT out
    route-map NEXT permit 10
    set ip next-hop

    here is the route tapble on Luke
    C is directly connected, FastEthernet0/0 is subnetted, 1 subnets
    S [1/0] via
    B [200/0] via, 00:11:56 is subnetted, 1 subnets
    C is directly connected, Loopback0 is subnetted, 1 subnets
    B [200/0] via, 00:12:02 is subnetted, 1 subnets
    B [200/0] via, 00:12:02

    1. You did see my video solution? That should help.

      Your next-hop for luke should be 23.2 not 12.1. Luke doesn’t know how to reach

  5. The config and video show a network range of 192.168.13.x between hansolo and leia but the topology needs changing from 192.168.12.x in the diagram above.

    excellent lab Rene!

  6. Good lab; thanks, Rene!

    Just for reference, I got the same warning you did when configuring the route-map in HanSolo, but it still worked.

  7. Hello Rene, I have something to ask you or anyone else 🙂

    Why route-map is applied on inbound direction? I really have trouble with route-map directions when they are used in BGP.

  8. excellent lab

    as previously stated, the network diagram does not match the startup config file.

    i did this 2 ways:
    1) route-map changing next hop on HanSolo outbound to Luke
    2) route-map changing next hop on Luke inbound from HanSolo

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