Switching Lab

You can create your own switch lab by using the switch module of the 3600 router.  With a 3600 router right click -> configure -> select the hostname of the router -> click the slots tab on the right -> under slot1 drop-down menu select NM-16ESW -> OK. 

If you receive a message that says something about manual links – Edit -> Prefrences -> GUI Tab -> check the box that says “Always use manual mode when adding links”.

To make your new switch look like a switch (you don’t have to) Edit -> Symbol Manager -> Scroll down the left side until you see ethernet switch -> select the ethernet switch icon -> click the right arrow in the middle to add it to the customized nodes list -> above type in the name of your new switch -> select 3600 from the drop-down menu -> select the switch below in customized nodes -> click Apply -> click OK.  You can see your new “Switch” in your inventory on the left.  Just add the switch module to slot1 like you did above and you’re not far from creating your own switching lab.

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