Still busy…fixed mail-problem, labs still in my mind…

Hello all!

I hope you still have plenty of labs to do, I’m really busy at this moment teaching Wireless and doing other work. Next week I got more time to create labs.

I noticed some people didn’t receive their login details but their server blocked e-mails from the gns3vault webserver. This happened because the PTR-record wasn’t configured correctly so the reverse DNS check failed. It’s fixed now so it won’t happen again.

If you tried to register and you didn’t get a response mail…I’m very sorry, please let me know and i’ll resend them to you.

I’ve got some NAT (we don’t have any NAT labs at the moment) labs in my mind, some multicast…even some more MPLS and we definitely need QOS labs….Hopefully I got time next week to get it done!

For now, good luck with the other labs đŸ˜‰

PS – If you configured the ‘basic’ config with IP addresses and such, please share them…i’ll upload them to the site so it will save time for other people.

Take care!


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Written by René Molenaar - CCIE #41726

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