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VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol)

Written by Rene Molenaar on . Posted in Network Services


Internet traffic is becoming more and more important since the company you are working for is focused on e-commerce. Every minute that their webservers running webshops are unavailable is causing profit loss. The company decided need a scalable solution and get rid of the single router (NewJersey), so there is no single point of failure anymore. Up to you to start configuring!


  • All IP addresses have been preconfigured as following:

    NewYork: F0/0: /24
    NewYork: F0/1: /24

    NewJersey: F0/0: /24
    NewJersey F0/1: /24

    L.A.: F0/0: /24
    L.A.: F0/1: /24

    HOST: F0/0: /24

    IPS: F0/0: /24
  • The ISP router has the following loopback interfaces, these are used to simulate the Internet.

    Loopback0: /24
    Loopback1: /24
    Loopback2: /24
  • The host router has been configured with "no ip routing" which will turn it into an ordinary host.
  • OSPF has been configured on all routers except the host router for full connectivity.
  • Configure NewYork, Newjersey and L.A. for VRRP, use the group number "1".
  • The virtual IP Address should be /24 .
  • Newjersey should be the master router, when it fails L.A. should take over.
  • Hello packets should be sent every 7 seconds.
  • Make sure the router with highest priority will always be the Master router.
  • Configure authentication for VRRP, use password "vault".
  • When the HSRP active router's F0/1 interface goes down, make sure it's no longer the master VRRP router.
  • Configure the virtual IP address of VRRP as default gateway on the Host Router.
  • Ensure you can ping the loopbacks of the ISP router from the Host router.
  • Ensure that whenever 2 out of 3 routers are down, the Host router still has connectivity to the ISP.

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Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)

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