How to Master CCNP ROUTE

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How to Master CCNP ROUTE:
The Guide That Shows How To Master CCNP ROUTE The Easy Way. Become A Pro At CISCO Networking Today!


Mastering your Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP ROUTE) exam is one of the most important steps you’ll ever take on the path to becoming a true Cisco professional..

CCNP certification is awarded to candidates in the CISCO professional program when they pass the ROUTE,SWITCH and TSHOOT exams.



With your CCNP certification, you are fully licensed to install, configure and troubleshoot Local and Wide Area Networks (WANs) enterprise networks. If you are CCNP certified you have demonstrated the skills required in enterprise roles like network technician, support engineer, systems engineer of network engineer.


The bottom line?

If you want to become a fully certified Cisco professional, you NEED to master the CCNP ROUTE syllabus and earn your CCNP ROUTE certification.

If you're new to IT, you might have found the CCNP ROUTE subject matter tough.

It can take months to learn the entire CCNP ROUTE syllabus in the classroom, and even then, many students have trouble with the material.

The problem is, most teachers emphasize only the HOW of the computer networking principles covered, not the WHY.

That's why I wrote "How to Master CCNP ROUTE". Unlike classroom approaches, this book shows you HOW and WHY you're doing what you're doing.

I explain each and every principle to you in clear, concise, easy-to-understand terms, so when you read the guide, it's like you're sitting there getting a personsal 1-to-1 consultation from me.

Much more than just a set of commands you have to memorize, “How To Master CCNP ROUTE” is a complete and comprehensive education in CCNP ROUTE theory, practice and implementation. I explain to you exactly HOW everything works, and WHY it works. Starting with CCNP ROUTE theory, I walk you through the entire CCNP ROUTE syllabus, until you thoroughly comprehend everything you need to know in order to get pass your CCNP ROUTE exam. It’s the perfect written supplement to the hands-on training I offer in my free CCNP labs.

What You’ll Learn Inside How To Master CCNP ROUTE:

"How to Master CCNP ROUTE" covers the entire CCNP ROUTE syllabus from start to finish.

In the main text of the book, i'll thoroughly explain and illustrathe the following topics to you. Covering all the subject areas to be tested on the CCNP ROUTE exam, they include:

  • Introduction to EIGRP: First I will show you how Cisco's Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) works. You will see how EIGRP selects a successor route, why and when it selects feasible successors and you will learn why EIGRP is so fast.
  • EIGRP Packets and Metrics: How does EIGRP use metrics like bandwidth, delay, load and reliability to select the best path and I will teach you what the different K-values are, how and why you want to change them.
  • EIGRP over Frame-Relay: Frame-relay is a NBMA (Non-Broadcast Multi Access) network and you will have to make some changes to make sure EIGRP runs on your frame-relay network. You will see what split horizon is and how to use sub-interfaces to overcome the issues that distance vector routing protocols have with frame-relay networks.
  • EIGRP Authentication: EIGRP uses an advanced method to configure authentication. I will show you how and why we use key-chains and how to enable MD5 authentiction for EIGRP.
  • EIGRP Advanced Features: How and why you should use EIGRP Stubs to reduce the number of EIGRP queries and stuck-in-active issues.
  • Introduction to OSPF: I'll teach you how OSPF operates, what the advantages are of link-state routing protocols, how link-state packets work and how OSPF builds the link state database.
  • OSPF Packets and Neighbor Discovery: One of the topics you'll learn in CCNP ROUTE is how OSPF forms neighbor relationships over different media like point-to-point, broadcast and non-broadcast networks. You will also learn which packets OSPF uses to achieve this.
  • OSPF LSA Types: You need to understand the different LSA types that OSPF uses, and i'll explain it to you in the simplest terms possible!
  • OSPF Summarization: You will learn how to configure your OSPF routers to summarize inter-area and external networks between areas.
  • OSPF Special Area Types: Part of being a CCNP certified professional is understanding the different area types like the stub area, not so stubby, totally stub and totally NSSA. I will show you the different areas, why we use them and how to configure them.
  • OSPF Authentication: I will show you how to protect OSPF by enabling plaintext or MD5 authentication.
  • OSPF Virtual Links: You will see how OSPF can use virtual links to connect areas to other areas without being directly connected to area 0 (backbone area) or how to fix a discontigous backbone area.
  • Routing Manipulation: Part of being a routing professional means you understand how to influence routing protocols using route-maps, distribute-lists and prefix-lists. You will learn how to change traffic flows and/or filter networks.
  • Redistribution: Prefixes can be imported and exported from one routing protocol to another using redistribution. I will explain to how you we do this, the problems you might face and how to overcome them.
  • BGP: CCNP professionals have to know how BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) works because this is the routing protocol we use on the Internet. You will learn the difference between BGP and other routing protocols like OSPF/EIGRP and how to configure it.
  • BGP Attributes and Path Selection: The power of BGP is being able to influence traffic flows, you will master all the different BGP attributes to achieve this.
  • IPv6: We are running out of IPv4 addresses and once you understand IPv6 you will be ready for the future. I will explain to you the differences between IPv4 and IPv6, the migration techniques and also how to configure IPv6 routing protocols.


There's no question about it.

Any subject that you need to know for your CCNP ROUTE exam is covered in this book, in more detail and in easier-to-understand form than any other guides currently on the market.

If you've already studied with me in my CCNP labs, these books will serve as a perfect complement to your lab instructions, giving you a perfect reference to review as you study.

If you're planning on self-studying for your CCNP ROUTE exam, these books are the guides that will help you memorize, internalize and apply all the information you need to master.

In it, you'll find...


all the theory and high-end information you can’t learn in labs.

This is high-end material you can’t do with your hands, but will nonetheless need to master for your exams.

This is the theoretical foundation on which all CISCO networking practices rest.

It includes things like:

  • The OSPF LSA Types, the difference between them and how they work.
  • The different OSPF area types like stub area, not so stubby, totally stub and totally NSSA and why you want to use them.
  • Why EIGRP chooses a certain path, how it selects backup paths and why it is so fast.
  • Differences between different wireless topologies like autonomous and light-weight.
  • How the Internet is connected through BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and the difference between IBGP and EBGP.
  • A thorough explanation of IPv6, tunneling techniques, migration strategies and IPv6 routing protocols.

And much, much more.

It’s 250+ pages of pure, no-nonsense information, packaged in a way that’s easy to read and easy to understand.

Put simply, this is the most straightforward yet comprehensive CCNP ROUTE guide on the face of the planet.

I'm confident that once you've had the chance to read just a couple of chapters of "How to Master CCNP ROUTE" you'll agree this is the best guide out there to prepare for and pass your CCNP ROUTE exam.

So, just to put my money where my mouth is, I'm going to give you a chance to check out some sample chapters.

Take a look for yourself by clicking on the image below to read my free sample chapters.


  "Alright René...I'm ready to master CCNP ROUTE and pass my CCNP ROUTE exam... send me your handbook now!"

Whether you’re a CISCO student and are preparing for your exams, or are just an independent learner interested in learning about computer networking, you’ll find “How To Master CCNP ROUTE” the clearest, best-written and most informative guide you’ve ever read on the topic.

I believe in my teachings, and I care about my customers' satisfaction above all else.

So go ahead and invest in your education today. {sitelinkxoff}










I guarantee you’ll learn everything you need to know to become a certified CCNP expert, and excel on your CCNP ROUTE exam.

That's a promise, from me to you.